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Chen Renping - HiiN Chief Executive

Growing up in Xinbei Xinzhuang, not relying on the sea, after seeing Jiji Park, he decided to become a paleontologist. When he grew up, he was shocked that the dinosaurs had been extinct for a long time, and they could not resurrect as they wished, and turned to the embrace of the sea.

I have conducted marine research in academic units, and I thought I would be here.
But in the work, I recognize the crisis and urgency of the environment.
I began to work on the promotion of environmental education, hoping to share and act.
Let more people join this campaign to protect the environment,
And practice the idea in everyday life, and practice without plastic and simple life.

I believe that as long as we are willing to start to be friendly to our environment,
It is possible to find a good relationship between man and nature!

Not asking people to return to their original life,
Just ask everyone to maintain a mentality that respects all resources and the environment.

Special ability
Design and implementation of marine education activities, planning of clean beach activities, design of customized teaching plans,
Environmental education lecture sharing, environmental education board game promotion, service learning activity design

Guo Fu - Deputy Chief Executive HiiN

The Banqiao grew up, although not close to the sea,
But in the hour, Dad takes it almost every weekend.
I ran to the beach and fell in love with the ocean.
Strive to move toward the ocean,

The university entered the “Turtle Lab” of Ocean University.
Followed the lab and ran the islands of various sizes in Taiwan.
Also found turtles and marine life
The crisis facing the ocean, the plastic pollution of the ocean is even worse every year!

No more to do anything!
So I started writing science articles to convey the relationship between marine pollution and sea turtles.
Enter the NPO as an environmental educator and go to the Turtle Lab to be a sea turtle rescue research assistant.
But this is not enough!

Let the people love the sea more, and take the initiative to protect our oceans.
Let the beautiful ocean be passed down from generation to generation, so that the children and grandchildren can enjoy the beautiful sea.

Special ability
Turtle education promotion, sea waste art creation, lesson plan design, event planning, popular science writing, environmental education lecture sharing

Lin Peiyu - HiiN Marketing Director

Native and small croquet people!
Like the sea, pay attention to environmental issues.
Good personality, like to protect the environment, protect the turtles,
So meet with the sea,
Together, create more possibilities in Little Ryukyu and everywhere in Taiwan!

Promote a plastic-free environment
Let Xiaoqiu become a paradise for turtles forever

Special ability
Beach currency, artificial coin machine, all waste can be brought back in the hands
Artist’s persistence and invasion of the undercover role of the enemy

OA - HiiN mascot

OA - HiiN mascot

Maybe it was a childhood relationship with a child, and it was with nature.
Camping, raising the fire, cooking, and coming by yourself,
Gradually grow up, the more things you know, the human civilization,
Bent on nature,
What about the green hills of the hour? What is the clean beach by the sea?
The so-called civilization of mankind actually puts nature on the ground and does not breathe.
People are a part of nature, but many people don’t care.

I want everyone to fall in love with nature by their own meager strength.
Taipei becomes a city without disposable plastic products

Special ability
I have worked in many industries, wanderers, travel planners, photography assistants, BIOS programmers, RD engineers, street performers, freelancers, preschool teachers, exhibition layout planning, motorcycle repair, rough work, art, musical instruments, etc.
I dare not say that I am proficient, I am immersed in it.


Chen Yixuan - HiiN Project Manager

Taitung people rarely have access to good mountains and water when they are young. They are children who are far from nature.
The university was studying the Department of Aquaculture of Ocean University. Because of the school’s marine atmosphere, it gradually approached the ocean from the recreation of the waters. The first clean beach in life in the senior year, the seeds of environmental concern were buried in the heart.

After graduation, I worked in the Marine Affairs Department of the public sector. Through this job, I participated in many marine conservation businesses and accumulated a lot of special experience (such as going to the sea to pull up illegal gill nets and warning uncles who caught sea urchins in conservation areas) In a Superman unit that takes care of conservation and industrial marketing, I gradually find myself always very motivated when holding clean beach or clean sea activities, and actions that want to invest in the environment begin more than this …

We want human beings to know how to live in peace with the rest of the planet and to treat this unique home together.

Special ability
Will draw plastic bags with feet, anthropomorphic illustration style to give everyone a novel perspective on things
A cow on the beach: Hiin Nu Luxi
Looks old and rough, Obasan’s affinity


Ye Liangyu - HiiN Project Manager

Zhongyong Heren liked natural ecology when he was a child, but the National High School forgot about this feeling because he was busy with the exams, and he didn’t remember it until the university.

I studied at the Department of Geological Science in college. I took a geological survey in one or two months and developed a temperament for running in the wild;
Later, I found that I was obsessed with ecological conservation, and the institute crossed the forest department to do research on conservation regulations.
In 2015, I met Guo Fu and Renping as volunteers in Wang’an. Since then, I have set foot on the road of reducing plasticity and also got a nickname “foraminifer.” …

Thinks that conservation is actually dealing with “people”
Sometimes people do n’t care about the environment being destroyed just because they are disconnected from the environment
So sometimes I try to share my experience in environmentally friendly life through text
Maybe someone looks at his life from a different perspective

Want to do anything that improves the relationship between people and the environment

Special ability
Write articles, do briefings, know how to typeset, Haiyong Social Ambassador
Know how to use a geological hammer
I especially like to tell cold jokes and make rotten pictures

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