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Cycling Fashion-box

There are hundreds of ways to protect the ocean, in addition to beach cleaning activities that belong to the end cleanup,
Source reduction is also very important!
In daily life, we can prepare tableware by ourselves and practice being “unplasticized guests”
But what if you want to challenge to reduce the waste of disposable tableware when organizing events or when you need to order meals in groups?
Don’t worry, Hai Chung’s “Cycling Fashion-box service” is online now!

Service target: Those who need seminars, conferences, etc.
Location: Beibei Jitao (for those outside of the above areas, please call to discuss first!)
Service content: Cycling Fashion-box (can order meals on behalf of), tableware delivery and cleaning one-handed

In addition to Hai Chong, Taiwan also has many excellent teams dedicated to tableware rental services. One of them is also a long-term ally of Hai Chong-Qing Piao. Qing Piao’s tableware rental has expanded to more event occasions, and it also provides garden party booths. Service, welcome to learn more about them on their official website http://www.chingpiao.com/</a >

Hiin bowl
(sealed stainless steel environmental protection bowl)
Stainless steel chopsticks Green scoop cup Ice Master Cup
Material: stainless steel, PP polypropylene shell
Capacity: 1.2L
Material: stainless steel
Material: PP polypropylene
Capacity: 250 ml
Material: stainless steel
Capacity: 900mL

To order cycling Fashion-box service, please fill in the following form:
(If the number of rentals exceeds 500 sets, please call to inquire first!)

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