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Beach Cleanup

In the face of the growing problem of coastal garbage, it is better to do it than to do it. Let us clean this beautiful home by hand!
In fact, the net beach activities are not just pure labor services. They only use the ICC International Beach Record to record every garbage collected. See which rubbish is polluting our oceans, and how can we change our living habits and reduce the production of these rubbish.
In addition to the statistics of garbage, there is more time. Haiyong Studio will also lead you to create art of sea waste. Through the creation, you can flip the impression of garbage. Many wastes can be useful if you pay attention. article! !
With Haiyong, together with the sea, the closest distance to nature, with the content learned in the course, to live a more environmentally friendly plastic life, not just for the environment, but also for ourselves, let us create a love together Earth Tour!

Description of the net beach activities:
A complete set of clean beach activities, the length of time is recommended to be 3 to 4 hours. Before the start of the clean beach activities, the pre-departure commentary will be explained first. Through this explanation, not only will each participant understand the clean beach activities, the attention In addition to the details and safety issues, we will also guide you to recognize the impact of our daily lives on the environment, so that the protection of the environment will not end the current clean beach activities, and the idea of ​​a friendly environment will be turned into action. Practice begins in life.

The clean beach activities include:
The overall activity planning of the clean beach, the garbage disposal after the event, the cleaning team contact, the pre-departure lecture of the clean beach, the net beach equipment, the activity insurance, the traffic arrangement, the sound reinforcement equipment, etc.

If you want to participate in the Beach Cleanup, please fill out the form registration!

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