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HiiN Studio is committed to the protection of the ocean. In addition to the cleansing and lectures, we advocate the source reduction of waste.
In a more pluralistic way, let more people know the importance of guarding the ocean and pass on the waves of love.

“Hai Chung” means the meaning of “wave” in Taiwanese
The sea, composed of “water + person + mother”, is for our mother
Chung, the source is endless

Love “sea” and thus get together, in the face of the increasingly devastating marine environment, we choose not to be silent, to take substantive action
Parent-child travel education, analysis of various clean beach actions, interesting and creative sea waste transformation, and promotion and innovation of plastic reduction operations are all for our mother, “sea”.
“Chong” can be any person who participates in us, pushing forward one wave at a time, reducing the waste of resources, the concept of perseverance, and the action, and constantly handing it out with the crowd.

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